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Someone stole Zuba's favorite candies. No time to lose heart, help your Zuba by tracing the caramel scent! Do not miss this unique dizzying sweets hunt! Deadly spikes, burners, grinders - Zuba can overcome all these hazards with your help, of course! Lots of quests and bonuses are waiting for you on the sugar turns. And remember, you are the one to return the stolen sweets!

Candy hunt is on!

  • A new look at the classic arcade racing.
  • Dynamic gameplay.
  • Colorful casual graphics.
  • Super survival gadgets.
  • Accessories, changing Zuba's look.
  • Huge number of quests.
  • 3 control variants (joystick, gyroscope and scroller).
  • Ability to buy stars, quests and bonuses.